EasyLife RedScape 250ml

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  • RedScape is available in different sizes: 100 ml - 250 ml - 500 ml - 1.000 ml - 5.000 ml

    • a highly concentrated and very complete aquascaping NPK fertilizer

    • all nutrients, such as nitrate, phosphate, potassium, iron and manganese etc., in one product

    • for extra red leaves by limiting Nitrate (N)

    • extremely well stabilized


    Professional aquascaping fertilizer with lean NPK (Nitrate, Phosphate, Potassium) and trace elements

    RedScape is a true aquascaping fertilizer for aquariums with lots of plants and few or no fish.
    This light fertilizer intensifies the red color of red plants by limiting nitrate.
    RedScape is a micro-rich, complete NPK+ fertilizer with nitrate, phosphate, potassium, iron, manganese and many essential trace minerals (including V, B, Co, Li, I, Mo, Ni, Sn, Al, Zn, Se).

    GreenScape or RedScape?

    For additional red plants: use RedScape NPK fertilizer.
    Redscape is much lower in nitrate than Greenscape and ensures that plants become redder by limiting nitrates. We recommend GreenScape for normal use
    and with occasional Redscape fertilizer for red effects.

    0 ml per 50 liters weekly – or 1.5 ml per 50 liters per day
    10 ml per 50 liters adds: 4 mg/l Nitrate NO3, 2 mg/l Phosphate PO4, 3.3 mg/l Potassium K, 0.4 mg/l Iron Fe and the required trace elements